PS2 Games On iPhones

PS2 Games On iPhones

The PlayStation 2, also known as PS2, is a Sony computer entertainment system developed for home video game consoles. The Ps2 launched its first release in Japan on March 4, 2000; in North America on October 26, 2000; in Europe on November 24, 2000; and in Australia on November 30, 2000.


PS2 has amazing games that gamers all over the world enjoy playing, and those with PlayStation consoles can enjoy all the nice titles. But people like us want a way to play too. During its 13-year lifespan, Sony was around to release a lot of PS2, but sadly, it is no longer manufactured and supported.

But today, the PS2 Emulator for iOS has made it possible for us to be able to enjoy all our great PS2 titles.

Best PS2 Emulator for IOS (iPhone)

We will be emphasizing the best PS2 emulator for your iOS; all emulators are free but may contain ads in between.



A tested and trusted emulator that has been existing for a decade now. With the help of PPSSPP, playing PSP games will be possible.

PPSSPP has a virtual controller overlay that we can use on the screen of our iPhone. It has different customization options, like the color scheme and the background.

You can support the developer by buying PPSSPP gold, which comes with extra icons. You can play a multiplayer game with friends when you get tired of playing a single game, and all lost data from your real PS2 can be recovered if you have the saved backup.


RetroArch is rated as one of the best PS2 games because you can customize a lot of things to give them a personal touch. RetroArch is easy to navigate; you can load game files through the add content button of the web emulator.

One amazing feature of RetroArch Online is the controls. No matter what game you choose to play, you get used to the layout of the controls.

Happy Chick Emulator for iPhone

This emulator supports more than 18 consoles, including the PlayStation 2, PS3, etc.

With your Happy Chick emulator, playing interesting games that all gamers love like God of War, PUBG, Call of Duty, and GTA all possible.


This emulator does not need installation but can be used online. It is made with JavaScript. Using Chrome or Firefox gives you the best gaming experience.

We would have to use the keyboard at all times because the onboard controls are experimental.


Using the PS2Smart jailbreak is not required to use this app on iOS devices. The PS2 BIOS file is already built into the app.

Popular games that run smoothly on PS2 Smart are God of War 1 and 2, Journey of the Cursed King, Devil May Cry 3, and Kingdom Hearts.

Best PS2 Games for iPhone

You can easily download and play these games on your iOS device. I would like to share the best PS2 games for iPhones.

  • Prince of Persia: It was released in 2003, and was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This is one of the best PS2 games to be played. This game has lots of adventure between a prince and a young princess.
  • Silent Hill 2 was released in 2001 and was developed by Team Silent. This remains the best horror game of all time, and its era was a defining one for horror games.
  • Grand Theft Auto was released in 2004 and was developed by Rockstar North. This was the biggest GTA game that Rockstar created.
  • Devil May Cry 3, released in 2005, was developed by Capcom. This game features a twisted story of Dante’s familial ties; his journey involves slaying a lot of demons.
  • God of War, released in 2005, was developed by Santa Monica Studio. God of War: Ragnarok won the game award for 2022.
  • Shadow of the Colossus was released in 2005 and was developed by Japan Studio, Team Ico. This game features a minimalistic narrative and a coherent open world; it has been an influence on other bigger games like God of War.

Can Phones Handle PS2 Games?

You will need a phone that has about 4 GB of RAM as a starting point; using a current iPhone will be an S-series.

What was the Last Released Game?

The last game to be released on the PS2 was Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. It was first released on November 8, 2013.

How can I Play PS2 Games on my iPhone?

Try downloading RetroArch, the first PS2 emulator for iOS. Load any supported ROM along with the official BIOS to run PS2 games on the iPhone.

Does PPSSPP Support PS2 Games?

You will need to download the ISO file for the game itself, and the PPSSPP emulator supports PS2 games on your phone.

Is there an Official PS2 Emulator for iOS?

No, Sony has not released an official PS2 emulator for iOS devices. The only official PS2 emulator available is PCSX2, which is designed for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Can I Jailbreak my iPhone to Play PS2 Games?

Jailbreaking an iPhone can potentially allow you to install unauthorized apps and tweaks, including emulators. However, it is important to note that jailbreaking may void your device’s warranty and can have security risks. Additionally, even with a jailbroken iPhone, finding a reliable and functional PS2 emulator for iOS can be challenging.

Where can I Legally Play PS2 Games?

To play PS2 games legally, you have a few options. You can purchase a PlayStation 2 console and physical PS2 game discs from various retailers. Alternatively, if you own a PlayStation 3 console, some models are backward compatible with PS2 games, allowing you to play them. Lastly, you can explore digital platforms such as the PlayStation Store, where some PS2 games may be available for purchase and download on compatible consoles.


With all those, finding the right PS2 games won’t be difficult, and if there is anything you don’t quite understand, you can hit me up in the comment section.

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