how to generate token code for gtbank

Have you been wondering how to generate Token code for GTBank? Well, you are in the right place. GTBank’s mobile transaction system has taken a new turn, thus, transactions can now be completed not just with a hardware token but also with a soft token.


Usually, the hardware token device must be purchased, but in this case, a software token is generated at no cost when a transaction is completed.

What is GTBank Token

GTBank token are a set of codes used to authenticate Internet banking transactions on the GTBank platform when a transaction is completed using internet banking. The token is required to authorize users’ transaction, and the token is generated using GTBank USSD code.

The token protects transactions against fraudsters and also hackers. There are however, two types of GTBank token. This are the code and hardware. The hardware is a key that is used to complete a transaction.


And it important you carry it where every you go. On the other hand, the soft ware or code is a virtual number you can generate anywhere and at any time to complete a transaction.

Requirements For Generating GTBank Token

In other to generate a GTBank token, you will have to meet up with certain requirement. These requirements are listed below:

  • Your GTBank NUBAN account number is needed
  • Your mobile number used, must be linked to your GTbank account
  • Then, you will have to provide the last six digit of your GTBank Naira Mastercard
  • Also, a mobile phone that can dial number, send or receive SMS and is responsive it required.

How To Generate GTBank Token Code Using USSD Code

You must be wondering, now you have gotten all the need requirement what next? Well, the next thing to do is generate the GTBank token code using USSD code. Below are steps:

  • First, dial the GTBank USSD code *737*7#in your mobile device using the mobile number connected to your bank account.
  • When that is done, enter your NUBAN account number
  • Then, enter the last six digit of your GTBank debit card
  • When that is done, your GTBank token will be sent to your phone
  • Then you can copy the code and complete your transaction

Be rest assured that the code expires after about 15 minutes. Hence, it is important to use it before it expires.

Features of GTBank Hardware Token

Below are listed features of the hardware token:

  • Pay for your Cable subscription
  • Make transfer to any GTBank account and also to other banaks within Nigeria
  • Pay for your US Visa Fee
  • Place a standing order on your account
  • Pay for your phone bills and internet service
  • Sell foreign currencies from your domiciliary account to the bank
  • Book flight tickers on Airlines some of which British Airways, Lufthansa German Airlines, Delta Air Line, Etihad, Ethiopian and more
  • Transfer foreign currencies from your domiciliary account to anyone in the world

About Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)

GTBank is a growing reputation as an international brand and it presently has banking subsidiaries in Ghana Sierra Leone, UK and other counties and across Nigeria. It has young, intelligent and vitrand workers that works tirelessly to meet the needs of customers.

The bank operates several accounts in accordance to the wish of customers. Some of these accounts includes, savings, current, domiciliary account and others. The banks stores and operate all kinds of currencies and ensures that all customers need is met adequately.

What is Internet Banking?

Internet banking is a type of banking system that allows you make transaction online. It brings the bank to your door step. You can carry out internet banking using your mobile device, laptop, and other mobile device. You can carry out mobile banking online when using the bank application and offline hen using the bank USSD code.

The active use of internet banking brought about the use of token. This token just like we mentioned is use for verifying every transaction done with the ATM card, USSD code and bank mobile application.

Can a soft Token be Used for Transactions in Banking Hall?

Well, it can only be used when it requested by your bank. Note, you are not allowed to disclose your soft token to anyone.

What is the Important of Soft Tokens?

The token helps users make online transaction from your account with their consent. Furthermore, it helps users make transaction from any location and more.

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