Union Bank USSD Code *826# For Transfers, Buy Airtime, Pay Bills

Union Bank USSD Code *826#

Having the ability to carry out transactions without going to the bank often gives a beautiful experience and power over your financial activities. Union Bank’s USSD code allows you to perform simple transactions like transfers, checking balances, airtimes, and data purchasing. It further allows withdrawal and many others.


Do you own an account at Union Bank? If yes, you must have all essential USSD codes to take control of your financial activities. In this blog post, we will be giving you a list and other vital information you need to know about the Union Bank USSD code.

Union Bank USSD Code *826# For Transfers, Buy Airtime, Pay Bills

Often, most users and even old users of the bank also known as account holders, usually ask certain questions such as, what is Union bank code for buying airtime, what code can I use to make a transfer? What code is used to change the account balance in Union Bank?

These and many more are questions being asked by Union bank account holders. More reason why we bring this article to you. Read on for more details on this topic.


About Union Bank USSD Code

Just like most banks, the Union Bank USSD code is a unique short code that is created by the bank in other to make banking transaction easy or less stressful for its customers.

The code allows users to carry out several bank activities just using their mobile device and from the comfort of their home or any location they find themselves without visiting the bank.

The code offers a lot of banking transaction options, ranking from buying data or airtime to making transfers, and others. It is called the Union Bank 826 banking system. With reference to the services it offers, let’s check out the features it possesses below.

Features of Union Bank USSD Code

In this section, we will be giving you an outline of all the features the code contains and the services it offers. Below are activities you can use the code for:

  • You can pay bills using the card
  • Requesting ATM card
  • Money transfer to other Union Bank accounts and other banks.
  • Blocking ATM cards
  • Increasing account limit
  • Checking Account Balance
  • Mobile/merchant transfer
  • Airtime and data purchasing
  • Requesting Loan
  • ATM cardless withdrawals
  • Bill payment and many more

These and many other are activities you can use the code for. Well, you can image doing all of these right from you location with out going to the bank. It’s like traveling without moving your feet.

Union Bank USSD Code

Union bank USSD code is *826# and it used to perform any and every Union mobile banking activity. From buying data or airtime to paying bills, to checking your account balance, to requesting loans and many more. You can do all this just with your mobile device. How amazing!

When you dial the code in your mobile device, a menu with a list of option based on the services the code provides will display in your screen. From the option you will have to pick the service you want. The exciting part is that there are set of codes which are uniquely designed for some specific transaction on Union bank accounts.

List of Union Bank USSD Code

Action USSD Code
Check Balance *826*4#
Transfer to Union Bank Account *826*1*Amount*Account Number#
Transfer to Other Banks *826*2*Amount*Account Number#
Airtime Recharge for Self *826*Amount#
Airtime Recharge for Others *826*Amount*Phone Number#
Buy Data *826*9#
Withdraw Money *826*7*amount#
Pay Bills *826# > select bill payments
Retrieve BVN *565*0#
Request Loan *826*41#
Request ATM card *826*21#
Hotlist ATM Card *826*21#
Open New Account *826#
Deactivate Account Phone Number *826*6*Phone Number#
Increase Account Limit *826*8#
Locate a Union Bank Branch *826*19#
Data Capture After Register *826*3*Account Number#
Pay Merchant 826*22*Merchantcode*Amount#
Unblock ATM Card *826*21#

 How to Activate Union Bank USSD Code

Union Bank USSD code activation is essential for effective mobile banking. Hence, to be able to use the codes to carry out any mobile banking transaction, you will first register and activate the general Union USSD code. Below are steps to activate the Union Bank USSD code:

  • Use the same mobile number connected with your Union Bank account to dial the code *826#
  • Then, enter the last digit on your Union Bank debit ATM card.
  • Type in your Union Bank Account Number on the form given
  • Create your Union USSD Pin
  • Then, enter and confirm the PIN to ensue its correct to complete your USSD registration.

Follow the above correctly and you will be able to fully register and activate the Union Bank USSD code. When that is done, you can be able to perform all mobile transactions using the general code, as well as the short codes.

Union Bank USSD Transfer Code

The Union Bank USSD code to transfer money from Union Bank to Union Bank is *826*1*Amount*Account Number#. When you must have dialed this, you have to enter your PIN to authorize the transfer. You can also use *826*2*Amount*Account Number# to make transfers to other banks. All you need to do is pick the bank you want to transfer to.

Union Bank USSD Code for Checking Balance

Just like we mentioned, you use the code to check your account balance. To check your Union Bank account balance using the Union USSD code, you can just dial *826*4#. Then, you will have to enter your PIN and the money you have in your bank account will display on your screen.

Union Bank USSD Code for Buying Airtime

Union Bank USSD code to buy airtime for yourself is *826*Amount# and to buy for someone else you can simple dial *826*Amount*Phone Number#. When buying airtime for someone else, you should ensure to confirm the mobile number before authorizing the transaction.

Union Bank USSD Code for Withdrawal

In other to make withdrawals using the USSD code you have to dial *826*7*Amount#. When you dial the code ensure you follow the instructions given to authorize your withdrawal.

Union Bank BVN USSD Code

If you have no idea about what you USSD code or you have forgotten, there is good new for you. You can retrieve your Union Bank code using the USSD code on Union Bank by dialing *565*0# and following the instruction from the form given.

Union Bank USSD Code to Block ATM Card

The bank also made room for emergency situation like blocking of ATN when you either loss it or no longer want to use it. The USSD code to block your Union Bank ATN debit card is *826*21#. You can complete and authorize the process by following all instruction given.

Benefits of Using Union Bank Code

Below are listed benefit:

  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Cost-effective
  • Wide range of services

Union Bank USSD Code Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

There are different reason why the USSD code might not work and these problems can also be fixed. Below are reasons why the code might not work and here are solutions:

  • First, bad network connection might be a key feature, why the USSD code might not work. However, in other to solve this issue, you have to look for an area where there is a better network or you wait till the network connect is better.
  • Next, you are not yet registered or have not activated the code on your device yet. In this situation, you will have to register and activate the code if you are yet to do it in other to carry out your transaction.
  • You are using a wrong phone number or a mobile number not connected to your Union bank account. If that is the case you will have to use the right linked mobile number to carry out your transaction.

With the above you are good to go!

What is USSD?

The full meaning for USSD is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a technology used by mobile network operators to send text between a mobile phone and app server.

The cord are short, numeric codes that are used to perform a particular duty of tasks. Some of these tasks includes, checking your account balance, transferring money, buying data or airtime and others. These code can be used on any type of mobile device with or without internet connection

How can I Check my Union Bank Details?

Checking your bank details is very easy. You can check your Union Bank details by dialing the USSD code *826*4#. You can also check your Union Bank details including account balance, and account statement will be using that same code.

How do I Set up Union Bank Mobile Banking?

The process is very simple. You can do this by dialing *826# using the phone number/line registered with your Union Bank account, and follow the instruction given.

What is the New USSD Code for Union Bank?

The new USSD code for Union bank is *826#. This code can be used to perform any mobile banking transactions on a registered number.

How can I get USSD Code for Union Bank?

The USSD code for Union Bank mobile banking is *826#.

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